What is Christian Counselling?

What it is and what it is not……………..

What is Christian counselling
What it is and what it is not……

There are many different views and opinions in the market place as to what constitutes “Christian counselling”.
Christian counselling has grown and adapted much over the years.
In short, here is what you will expect as the foundation of Christian counselling at Khaya Christian Counselling:
It is primarily about GOD’s grace and YOU

It is about you coming to live the full and victorious life that God intended you to live

It is about me as the therapist being the conduit for God to work His grace on YOU

It is about feeling confident that in the counselling process you will feel safe from guilt and condemnation

It is about receiving with grace , mercy and empathy

It is about using clinical skills , clinical judgement , evidence based research , evidence based theories and evidence base techniques in combination with guidance from the Holy Spirit

It is about using theories and techniques that align with Biblical principles

It is about rejecting theories and practices that contradict Biblical principles

It is about treating clients with love and respect as we have been taught by Jesus

It is about respecting the client (Christian or not) as a human being with inherent value because we are all God’s creation

It is about recognising God as the creator , sustainer and the centre of our lives

It is about standing up for truth but not condemning someone who may have different values and perspectives

It is not about throwing Bible verses at client as a fix

It is not about placing guilt and shame on the client in their suffering – mental and emotional suffering is not from a lack of faith

It is about being a conduit for God’s grace to flow to bring about healing, freedom and restoration

It is about being God’s hands , feet and mouthpiece to allow God’s love and grace to touch those who are suffering