We are open for business !!!!!!

How we do counselling may be different but we are definitely OPEN for business.

For the safety and wellbeing of all my clients , myself and those with whom we are in contact  I have moved all counselling appointments to online throughout this COVID-19 period.

All this means is that we are not meeting physically in the same physical space in the counselling room.

The counselling process remains the same. You will get the same help that you need throughout this social distancing period.

All counselling has moved to a state of the art virtual counselling room through COVIU.

COVIU is a dedicated health professional online consulting platform.

Unlike many popular teleconference platforms that claim to be “safe” and “encrypted” , COVIU ensures client confidentiality and  privacy through the use of different technology.

This means you can talk freely just as if you are in the counselling room without the fear of someone evesdropping into our conversations.

So, please call. I look forward to helping you.


Overcome COVID19 related stress and anxiety:

30 minute specially designed therapy sesssions to ease COVID-19 induced stress and anxiety

At Khaya Christian Counselling we are introducing a specially designed 30 minute sessions to help overcome the stress and anxiety that COVID19 is causing in your lives. This series of specially designed 30 minute sessions are targeted to help you reduce anxiety and gain back a sense of control in your lives. These 30 minutes sessions are totally focused on teaching your methods to beat the stress and anxiety and bring a sense of stability back into your lives. No in depth psychotherapy ,  just the techniques that matters most right here , right now in combating the chaos that COVID19 is reeking in your lives.

There is no doubt that we are dealing with added pressure from the conditions and restrictions that COVID19 has brought into our lives. These pressures are in addition to whatever else we were already dealing with in our “normal lives” before COVID19 intruded into our lives!!!!!

Stress and anxiety are indeed part and parcel of our normal everyday lives. We accept that we have to deal with our normal  load of stressors like paying bills , parenting our children , juggling different priorities that our family members present to us.

It takes a lot out of us at the best of time.

BUT now there is so much more…..so much that we never asked for or gave permission to become a part of our lives… things like the isolation, the uncertainty of income , the uncertainty of the duration of our battle against COVID19 , the added pressure of guiding our children through their schooling at home and whatever else you can name.

These pressures drain our emotional resources and leaves us more vulnerable to anxiety , impatience and relational conflict.

A major key in surviving and thriving through this period of added stress and anxiety is to learn how to get a handle on our stress and anxiety.

Helping you handle stress and anxiety better is exactly what these new specially designed 30 minute sessions target.

The intended result is helping you gain a more sense of control and stability through this COVID19 period.

Call 0416059457 to take advantage of a 15 minute obligation free info session



Stop! Take control of your life today

 What do you want your 2020 to look like?

 Break free from anxiety , depression , relationship challenges , work challenges.

Let me help you take hold of a brighter and more fulfilling future


Appointments now available on Saturday mornings…. Call to enquire

Overcoming anxiety, depression and relationship challenges


“In this world there will be trouble”…. these are some of Jesus’ infamous words in John16:33.. true words indeed.

Unfortunately, some troubles are more devastating than others such as depression, anxiety , OCD , addictions and relationship challenges just to name a few.

These challenges are the merciless and brutal thieves that terrorise you , stealing your peace , killing your dreams and destroying everything that you love.

The THIEF leaves you feeling beaten, confused , shameful , guilty and powerless.

This cannot go on and should not go on.

The truth is you can take your life back from the THIEF  and banish him from your life once and for all.

With a bit of help you can overcome anxiety , depression and relationship challenges. 

You can build the life that you long to live for yourself and your family.

Let me help you conquer and evict the THIEF and break free from the challenges that plague your life just like many others I have helped before you.

I will take the time to listen, help you understand what is holding you back , figure out a way forward and stand with you in your battle to win the life that is rightfully yours.

You have the power to change the direction of our life TODAY.

You are only one click away… you can take charge of your life and take the first step on your journey to living a whole and full life.

Click the button below to book a free 15 minute phone consultation with me or just call 0416059457

I look forward to hearing from you.

Meet Derek

Click on the video to watch a short message from counsellor and psychotherapist, Derek Leung

What former clients have said about their experience with Derek :

“I was experiencing social anxiety based off an extremely low self-esteem and poor self-image.”

How was the original issue affecting your daily life ?

“I never felt comfortable in public places as I was extremely paranoid of complete strangers or people I knew talking about my appearance. I felt constantly stressed and worried in all scenarios as this would take up the forefront of my mind at all times.”

How did it make you feel ?

“This compounded my feelings of social anxiety and self-hate. It translated to making everyday tasks (eg. taking the bus to uni) extremely difficult, leading to increased stress resulting in public and private breakdowns.”

How would you describe your experience with Derek ?

“Derek is the perfect combination of personal and professional. He is easy-going whilst conveying constant empathy. He isn’t afraid to say it how it is and tell me things I need to hear, which I will always be thankful for. I loved my time with Derek and counselling became something I wanted to go to, not a checklist item.”

How much has the original issue change since you started ?

“I’m not one to believe that anxiety is something that switches off. It lingers around at different intensities and it might be something that stays with me forever. But through my time with Derek my anxiety has ungripped its strangle-hold on my life. It’s intensity has diminished, and it doesn’t debilitate me nor does it dominate my thinking. I am in the best phase of my life on a psychological level.”

What can you do now that you can’t do before?

“Go out in public without the constant stress and worry present. Come home after a day in public without hating myself more. Catch the daily bus to uni or even sit in a restaurant without my anxiety compounding day after day.”

What did you learn ?

“I am more aware of my thoughts and how my body reacts to triggers and why knowledge of this is so important. I can then utilise mindfulness strategies to avoid battling with these thoughts but instead exist alongside them. I learnt that my self-image problem was not face-value and there was a lot underneath that needed to be unpacked and explored to help me understand why my anxiety was manifesting itself this way.”

How do you feel about having your issue resolved/decreased ?

“Absolutely stoked and surprised. Initially I couldn’t fathom the thought of living with anxiety for the rest of my life or seeing it improve at all. Yet, now I have achieved both of these.”

Why someone should come to counselling and get started?

“My biggest problem prior to counselling was I thought I knew my mind and thoughts to the greatest degree. Counselling revealed to me how much I needed to learn about my mind and body and how surface level issues which seem so obvious are related to other parts of your life and how you are living. I battled with my problem for multiple years prior but now through 2 years of counselling I wonder why I didn’t get started sooner.”


Male , 20's facing anxiety , social anxiety , low self esteem

“When I came for counselling, I had no idea how much I was about to learn about myself.  I’d been seeing myself through a fogged mirror, and Derek helped me to see how the issues I face today are closely connected to my family, my past, and my beliefs about myself.”

Male , 20's facing porn addiction and self image challenges

“Derek is a great listener and has the ability to be able to understand and analyse your situation very quickly. He is very practical and simple in his explanation and it has had a great positive effect on my life. “

Male , mid 40's facing anger issues

“The professional concern, insight and empathy I have received through Khaya Counselling has led to considerable gains in my mental health. This has allowed me to enjoy a better quality of life in terms of family relationships, career and leisure pursuits.”

Male , late 20's facing anxiety , obsessive compulsive thoughts challenges

“Working with Derek has provided me with some essential tools that have greatly improved my emotional confidence. I feel that I ‘ve learnt how to control my thinking and emotions to the point that I feel fully capable to live and function as I had always imagined but never thought possible”

Male , 30's , facing anxiety , obsessive compulsive thougthts and depression

“It was a rewarding experience for me… instead of being spoon fed with advice all the time, I had  very constructive conversations where my situations and feelings were heard and understood and at the same time I got encouraged and empowered.”

Male , 40's facing marital challenge, anxiety , unresolved grief

What is it?

Christian counselling is counselling that is based on the truths and values found in the Christian Bible as well as theories and methods that are evidence-based.

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Who can benefit?

A counsellor is not a guru. Rather, seeing a counsellor is about having someone to walk with you through issues and challenges, and perhaps having a different perspective.

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Meet Derek

Derek Leung is the owner of Khaya Christian Counselling. Learn more about his experience, and the influences of his methods as a Christian counsellor.

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