Resources to help you stay well and stay strong through COVID19 and beyond

COVID19 is not just a virus. It isn’t just a biological threat. Its power of destruction reaches far beyond the physical threat through the circumstances that it has created. The shut down and isolation can most definitely put pressure on anyone. The uncertainly of your job security , shortages of supplies ,the pressure of home schooling, the overall sense of anxiety and uncertain can place anyone under stress.

This stress ripples and compounds through the various areas of your life , eg the increase in stress at work in an attempt to fight for job security, relationship tensions, sleeplessness , fatigue, the lack of patience with your spouse and children just to name a few.

It all takes a toll on you body, soul and spirit.

My goal is to empower you not just to survive but to empower you to stay well and stay strong in all sense of the word… body , soul and spirit… through this COVID19 period and beyond.

The goal is to for you to stay strong so when recovery comes you are ready to take full advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves.

So stay tuned for hints , tips , and resources to help you stay well and stay strong.

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Hang onto hope… will all pass eventually…



Defining Wellness and building your foundations of life:


So often people say “stay healthy” or “look after yourself” (through this COVID period or whenever)… what does that mean anyway??????

In this video I will explore with you how to break down the various aspects of your life and your “self” so that you can address your wellbeing holistically.

My hope is that once you get an understanding of how to view your overall wellbeing  , you can tailor activities that addresses your whole being systematically.

Hope you enjoy……….. love to hear what you think….

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