This “About me” section is actually about YOU because in the counselling room it is all about empowering YOU

I can tell you about my degrees , the associations that I belong to etc etc but it is quite meaningless if it actually does not translate to empowering you to get to where you want to get to and solve the problems that you want to solve.

Let me explain……….you might ask:

“How do I know that you have the skills and theoretical knowledge to help me?”

Because I completed my postgraduate degree of Master of Counselling from Wesley Institute, Sydney ( now known as Excelsia College) which provides a strong theoretical and skill foundation that underpins a sound counselling process.

Before the masters degree I have also completed an Advance Diploma in Christian Counselling and Family Therapy through the Australian Institute of Family Counselling.

And I also attend workshops to update my skills and knowledge regularly.


“How do I know that I can trust you as therapist?”

Well, firstly I will have to earn your trust I just can’t expect that from you.

Secondly, I am accountable to peak professional bodies such as  CCAA (Christian Counsellor Association of Australia) and PACFA (Psychotherapist and Counsellor Federation of Australia)

This means I operate to the strict guidelines and ethical code that these organisations expect their members to uphold.

I am also a clinical member of both CCAA and PACFA. (PACFA Clinical Registrant 22312)

Being clinical means that I have satisfied the highest level of training under CCAA and PACFA standards.




“How do I know that you will not judge me and make me feel worse about myself?”

I guess being 46yr I have done some living myself and have faced some of challenges in my identity , my sense of purpose , as a parent and as a husband. Dare I say I have made my fair share of mistakes.

I have learnt in my years that in growing through one’s struggle one hopefully grows in grace and patience.

There is enough condemnation in the world, you don’t need more from me.


“How do I know that you will understand me and you are not just about theory ?”

Before private practice I worked as a counsellor in Family Relationship Centre that supported divorcing parents and their children in the unfortunate process of divorce.

I was also a pharmacist for 19 years before my counselling career. This also means that I have walked with many patients in their medical struggles before my current career.

In having had a medical background and now as a counsellor, and being a Christian my approach in therapy is the result of seeing you as a whole person with a physical body , your emotions and your spirit.

My focus whether it was as a pharmacist or a counsellor has been about the people I serve, which is you.


“How do I know you will get me culturally?”

 Although I have spent more than 35 years in Australia , I came from Hong Kong when I was 10 yr old.

I understand the challenges and struggles in trying to stride between two cultures that at times can hold conflicting and confusing values.

At the end of the day my role is really about you.

I am here to help you to conquer the obstacles that hold you back in your life.

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