For the men :

Us men face some unique challenges in today’s world.

We are confused by the conflicting expectations in a politically correct world of how a real man is supposed to behave.

We feel drained by the pressure of demands in a fast-pace world from our families , our family of origin , from work , from church and everywhere else

We are assaulted everywhere we turn by sexually explicit images that lead us to all sorts of temptations that seduce and bound us to porn addiction.

In the age of divorce , we are confounded and disoriented by the memories of the dysfunction our own families that leaves us with no clear road map of what being a godly husband and father should look like….. and sadly we replicate the exact relational mess that we vow we would never copy from our parents.

Is it any wonder that we are enslaved by things such as low self image, anxiety, depression , OCD , porn addiction , substance abuse?

What makes it worse is that we stay silent , isolated, hidden, afraid of being discovered…. we are trapped by our own sense of shame and powerlessness …… as we watch our lives and our families fall apart at the seams……

Is it any wonder that us men can feel like losers sometimes ?

THIS ISN’T RIGHT !!!!!!!!!


We are meant to stand tall , and proud and make a difference in the world like the superheroes we once aspired to be when we were young boys.

Do you remember pretending to be your favorite superhero when you were little ?

I do.

Did you want to be Batman ? Super man ? Perhaps even a Jedi ?

Little boys instinctively aspire to be superheroes because it symbolises the very essence of being a good man…. being the best that you can be , having the confidence to tackle life , to get knocked down but get up one more time to finally defeat your nemesis, having the strength and power to protect those you love and to make a difference in the world…….

Most of us lose sight of the dream to be a superhero because we get knocked down by the THIEVES of life that come to steal our dreams , kill our hopes and destroy the things that we love…..sometimes it just seems too overwhelming to fight anymore……

Our stories sometimes look pretty grim and far removed from our once held superhero dream but……………

What if your story so far is NOT the end ?

What if your story so far is only the back story of becoming a true hero ?

Super heroes are not superheroes because of their capes , their costumes or because of the superpowers.

Superheroes are superheroes because they courageously face their demons inspite of fear , defeat and overwhelming odds…….this is what really inspire us to be superheroes.

Bruce Wayne had to overcome his fear and his identity as an orphan before he could become Batman.

Tony Stark had to discard his life of debauchery to find purpose as a man before he could become Ironman .

Clark Kent had to come to grips with his potential before he truly becomes Superman

Luke Skywalker had to overcome fear and hate to become a Jedi…..

King David had to overcome his image as the runt of the family before becoming king of Israel…….

You can still be a superhero, just not how you had imagined it to be when you were a child.

We as men become superMAN when we courageously stand our ground to face our demons in battle and say “NO MORE!”.

We as men become superMAN when we courageously fight for our families

We become superMAN when we courageously take the steps necessary to become the men God truly intended us to be..

The transformation from your present situation might sound daunting but heroes do not journey alone .

Bruce Wayne had Alfred .

Tony Stark had Jarvis .

Luke Skywalker had Obewon and King David had Samuel ……

You are not going to walk alone because I am here to walk with you.

This is what counselling is about.

I am here to stand with you and to fight side by side to help you to win your battles.

I am here to stand with you as your guide so that you can be live a victorious life as the superhero that you have longed to be……..

One of the serendipities of my job is to be able to celebrate with my clients their victories … and yours will come if you start the journey.

It is your time to call for battle to reclaim your life.

You can do it……..

Let me help you…..

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It is your time to transform and win……