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You can download to use Mindfulness Basix 3.0 tracks to help you with your anxiety and depression. 

You can also choose to listen to them online.

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Mindfulness Basix 3.0  Downloable

Break free sooner and feel more in control.

Use these as an adjunct tool to your counselling to get a handle on your anxiety , anxiety related symptoms and depression symptoms.

Download and have them at your fingertips everywhere you go.

Not sure how it helps ? Contact Derek to find out.

Mindfulness Basix 3.0 Stream

Experience the calm and focus that you can achieve for yourself

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Derek The Counsellor TV : Show Notes


Didn’t catch it all on Youtube ?

No problem… the slides are all here for your convenience.

Derek The Counsellor TV :

Episode 2

Derek The Counsellor TV:

Episode 3

Derek The Counsellor TV:

Episode 4

Derek The Counsellor TV: Worksheets

Make the most of the ideas and concepts from online videos.

Use these to transforms into tangible change and growth in your life.

Reclaim Your Sense of Calm:

Do-It-Yourself Calming Techniques:


Use these resources along with counselling by your counsellor.

You can take control of your anxiety.



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